Creative writing with Helina HOOKOOMSING

Helina Hookoomsing, lecturer at the MIE, held a Flash Fiction writing workshop with students of Seconde – British Section on the 8th of October 2020. 

The “word snake” game provided a list of words to trigger writing.  The exercise showed that stories can be built around just anything, and even prevent anxiety or the ‘writer’s block’.

As Helina Hookoomsing shared, “Flash fiction helps you overcome your fear of a blank page and allows you to start thinking outside the box. Creative writing doesn’t have to be a full product, it’s a process, a journey.”

The creative writing workshop was a first for most students. Some enjoyed it more than others, while some had the opportunity to just start writing!

Text : Gabrielle DELOS, 2nde1 (BS) – Photos : Poonam SEETOHUL, référente culturelle

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