Eat and Move

Pictures tell stories and it is always good to go back to what is essential in life, winding back to ‘normal’ times during confinement to remind us that health, well-being and friendship matter.

Students of Cinquième from the British Section collaborated in what was a dynamic and fun photo session around movement, healthy food and eating habits for their EPI project.  For the photo shoot, they were tasked with the following: to reflect on a particular scenario and imagine a set-up that would catch a specific feeling and moment around their favourite healthy food.

Fronds, palm sheaths, sugarcane stems and electric light strings added to the décor to enhance visual representation.  A second session was directed to catch movement in groups to highlight the importance of breath, group dynamics and motion.

Students were more than happy to be on their feet and to explore the stage area of the Espace Culturel.



Participants : Abhi, Cheelvan, Giana, Juliette, Maëlle, Matys, Noémie, Nolwenn, Nooshita, Paree, Prisha, Rohan, Riya, Romane, Teesha, Tessa L, Tessa T & Vincent (5e1, 5e2 & 5e3 – British Section)

Affiche : Estelle Grare-Berthault (Terminale L)

Texte & Photos : Poonam Seetohul (Enseignante d’anglais)

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