The students worked on the project of E.P.I and eventually did project works. Tasha SINGARAVELLOO (5° 2) and Eloane SUNGAREN (5° 3) worked on a video called « JUNK FOOD STORY ». This video is about obesity and its effects on an individual and his family members. This is what Tasha says about the film:

« I took 346 photos, just on my phone, to do this lego film. I took much time to do it because I had to take all the movements of a little lego character frame by frame. Eloane and I had written the script during our English class because we couldn’t meet outside school hours. We wanted to show that we need to eat well because, otherwise, it will have serious consequences on our health. In fact, I was inspired by the story of my father. He would eat fatty foods all the time and he nibbled between meals. Of course we told him to stop but he wouldn’t listen to us! One day, however he went for his usual medical check-up and his doctor found that he had a serious heart problem! He told my parents that he would have to hospitalize my father. It was a terrible blow on all of us. My dad was admitted for operation and we could only see him for a few minutes every day. He had undergone 3 operations.

When he came back home he decided to change his eating habits. Well that’s my inspiration and I can only hope that we draw lessons from it. »

I hope you enjoy the film !



Texte : Nanlinee BHURUTH, enseignante d’anglais.

Vidéo et Montage : Tasha SINGARAVELLOO (5° 2) and Eloane SUNGAREN (5° 3)

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