Intervention de M. Nuckiren Pyeneeandee auprès des collégiens

Not so long ago, we, the 4eme SA class, had the pleasure to welcome Mr Nuckiren Pyeneeandee.

For one whole hour, he stayed with us and taught us the basics of a language that was such a main part of our everyday lives that most of us might just have taken it for granted.

He accompanied us as we delved into this intricate and judgementally bizarre tongue,
clinging loyally to a students favourite study style : learn ‘n have fun!

By doing so, he proved that, no matter what we might believe, creole truly was a language with actual grammar rules.

In all, this was a truly interesting experience, which captivated us all.

This hour was really funny and pleasant, and we wouldn’t mind doing it again !


Some pictures :

Text : Deepal MAULLOO 4° 2

Pictures : Poonam SEETOHUL, English teacher

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