Anti-Bullying Week 2020

After having studied DNA, a play that deals with bullying, the year 10 students of the British Section, with the help of our English literature teacher, organised an anti-bullying week, which took place from the 16th to the 20th December. Its aim was to raise awareness on bullying, as a lot of students suffer from it. We want the school to be a safe environment for everyone.

The activities that we organised on this occasion were:

-the kindness tree, where everyone could write compliments for others to read. It worked well, and loads of students and teachers wrote something, it was located near the foyer.

-Motivational messages were posted on all classroom doors of the school.

-Posters about bullying (advice, statistics, types of bullying…) could be found in the agora.

– A secret box, in which you could drop anonymous messages about your experience with bullying.

-This year, we decided on a ‘Wear Blue Day’ that was enthusiastically embraced by everyone on Tuesday 17th.

-Thanks to surveys created by students, statistics about bullying were published.




-The students of the year 10 British Section talked to the year 7 British section about bullying, to raise awareness among the youngest students of the school.

We hope that this week has helped you to overcome your fear and encouraged you to talk to someone about your situation, to be empathetic towards victims of bullying, and to know that you are not alone.

To conclude, we hope that this week has had a positive impact.

Now, if you do encounter a similar situation, you will know that help is available.


Text : Gabrielle DELOS and Gyanada RAMDHONEE, students of 3° BS.

Pictures : Shamima SHIMJEE, British Section’s teacher and Clothilde SAMOUILHAN

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