Ingrid LESTE presents the didgeridoo

On Friday 18th October we got the opportunity to meet the artist Ingrid Leste who presented us an instrument: the didgeridoo.

This instrument, made of wood, is among the oldest musical instruments of the world and was first played by the Aboriginals in Australia. They still use it to accompany their chants and songs. For them, it is a sacred instrument linked to spirituality.

In Mauritius, Ingrid Leste proposes to accompany yoga or meditative sessions with the sound of the didgeridoo instrument so as to enhance the experience and to connect with our inner self. The sounds of the didgeridoo bring calmness and help to be balanced.

We got to hear its sounds which are the sounds of nature and we were all impressed by the different types of sounds it can produce depending on the wood.

We also got to interact with the artist. Indeed, she showed us how to play the didgeridoo with our lips, tongue, cheeks, throat and by controlling our breath and we could practice on cardboard or upcycled and bamboo tubes. It was a unique and very interesting experience.

TEXT : Anyouta Guness, (3° 4)

PICTURES : Poonam SEETOHUL, English Teacher

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