School trip to Cape Town

On 17th February 2019, we students from the British section embarked on a memorable journey to Cape Town, South Africa. The trip was led by two dynamic teachers, Mrs Hennebert and Ms Shimjee. They had already organized the same trip the previous year and were once more, ready to undertake the challenge for their students’ sakes. After an exhausting yet exciting flight, we arrived at Cape Town Airport where the tour guide warmly welcomed us.

The first day, we sailed to Seal Island. As we were going there we were able to admire the beautiful scenery.  We later took a drive through Chapman’s Peak to get to Cape Point and Cape of Good Hope. The views are breathtaking: we were in awe! After lunch, we headed off   to Boulders beach to    see some cute penguins.

The second day we embarked on a road trip to Aquila Private Game Reserve. Once at Aquila, we had breakfast then we left for the safari. After a couple of minutes, we were totally away from civilization, we were amongst animals. There were rhinos to our right and hippos to our left. We saw jackals, lions, elephants and giraffes, just to name a few. It was surreal – they were so close we “could” touch them.

On the third day, we sailed to Robben Island where we learned its history. The island has always been used as some kind of exile. The first example of this was the “camp” built for people suffering from leprosy, they were separated from the world and sent off to the island. Then the island became home to the infamous jail created by the apartheid government for black people. Nelson Mandela spent eighteen years on Robben island.

In the afternoon, we drove to Table Mountain where we took a cable car to the top. The view on the mountain was indescribable, out of this world even.

The next day we visited the Science centre. There, we saw some cool scientific experiments. We had a lot of fun discovering every station and figuring them out, we almost went mad trying to solve some impossible puzzles and we enjoyed playing chess and checkers against one another.

After the science center, we went to the Ostrich farm. We visited the farm’s museum, fed a couple of ostriches and then we had lunch there. We were given two options – ostrich burgers or chicken burgers.

On the way, back to the hotel we stopped at a beautiful beach, the Bloubergstrand beach.  It was very windy so we didn’t stay for a long time but we made the most of it by playing and running around in the sand.

You can’t go to South Africa and forget about rugby. So, we started the fifth day by going to the Springbok Rugby museum then headed for our next destination the Two Oceans Aquarium. We then went to the Victoria and Alfred waterfront where we had lunch staring at the sea.

After a copious meal, we went to visit the Zeitz Mocca modern art museum.

Every room and every exhibit was different and unique. Some pieces were really weird in a cool way and some were just particular, but overall visiting the museum was fun.

Zeitz mocca museum

Rhodes Memorial restaurant

The next day we first visited Langa township,

one of the biggest in Cape Town.  We bought some sculptures and drawings which had been handcrafted by some local adults and children.

Then we had lunch at the Rhodes Memorial restaurant situated on the slopes of Devil’s Peak and it was lovely.

Bo-Kaap with Table Mountain in the background

Later that day we visited the Castle of Good Hope and then we took the bus to the Company’s Garden. We then took a short stroll from the garden to the wildlife museum. There were squirrels along the way.

It was our last day. The bus ride to the vineyards was bitter sweet. We were excited to see our families again yet we couldn’t believe how fast time had flown by. Once at the winery we were given a walk through the process of wine making from grinding the grapes to freezing the finished product. The only thing we weren’t allowed to do was to taste the wine so we were given grape juice instead. We still did the cheese tasting nevertheless.

Then we went to an automobile museum where vintage cars, luxury cars, bikes and other automobile related items in working conditions were exposed. The estate was gorgeous.

This experience was one of a kind. We learned a lot about South Africa, met new people, and made lifelong memories. We will forever be grateful and we thank our teachers for this unique opportunity.

Texte : Camille Mandeng Batoum et Chethanah Andhin, élèves de 3ème British Section

Photos : Shamima SHIMJEE, enseignante d’anglais et ses élèves de 3ème de la British Section, et divers contributeurs élèves

For more photos and videos, please visit our page : LLB School trip South Africa

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