Let’s Celebrate Children !

Childhood is a period of  joy, innocence and games. Children are always full of energy and enthusiastic about everything. Surely, many of us have some nice souvenirs of our childhood.

Unfortunately, not all children live a happy and innocent childhood. All around the world and even in our beautiful island, children’s rights are not respected – it is a heart break and a pity that in our modern society many children, too many, suffer from physical and psychological abuse – poverty, child labour, hunger, wars…

With the collaboration of a small dynamic team, I wanted to organize a Children’s Day for the pupils of Year 7 to have fun and to make them conscious of their rights. The small and big children actually spent a nice time together, drawing, dancing, painting and playing.

Big thanks to Mr Zengler, Titon, Tranquille, Mrs Shamtally, Rawat, Bhuruth, de Robillard and Gérard for their great help and motivation as well as Alexia, Louise, Niha  and Janice from the 1ère L.

Text et pictures : Nathalie SCORDEL, English Teacher


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