Anti-bullying week : 3rd December – 7th December

The Year 11 and year 12 students of the British section are organizing an anti-bullying week from the 3rd  to the 7th of December. The aim of this campaign is to help children and teenagers, school staff and parents to understand how important it is that every child feels valued and included in school, without fear of bullying.

We will hold an Odd Socks Day on Friday 7th December to raise awareness on bullying, one of the most burning issues affecting youngsters today.

We want you to know that whoever you are, however big or small your problems are, you are not alone.

People are judgemental. They will judge your thoughts, your appearance, your background, your mannerisms. They will constantly voice out their opinions in a derogatory manner. People who feel entitled to belittle others on the grounds of mere prejudices are the prime cause of bullying. It is far more common a phenomenon than we think and one that needs to be dealt with, everywhere. The figures lend urgency to the endeavour: 40% of teenagers have reported being victims of bullies. Yet the matter is often downplayed or downright overlooked. Let us then be the exception, let us champion inclusiveness!

Let us show everyone we are proud of our differences. The Odd Socks Day will be an opportunity for students and staff members to express their individuality and to celebrate all the things that make them unique.

Victims often don’t speak up. It is our job to give them a voice. For those struggling to voice out their angst, a testimony tree will be placed near the school’s main entrance. Students will be able to share their experiences with bullying, whether as victims or witnesses, anonymously.  We all know opening up is taking a step toward healing.

We invite you to come to school wearing your odd socks, on the 7th of December, to call time on bullying and to redefine a simple word: difference.


Camille Mandeng – 3e British Section and Kaveesh Naggea  – 2nde British Section

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