The 2nd SA’s electrifying project: Talking to a Cyborg!

You probably heard of cyborgs, that are creatures part machine and part human. Thanks to our chapter entitled “Better than human”, we discovered one of them; Kevin Warwick. However, do not get mistaken robots are not cyborgs, robots are Transformers and cyborg is Robocop.

Kevin Warwick is British Professor at Coventry University who revolutionized the World of cybernetics. He created a chip that would provide super intelligence and extra abilities.

And guess what? The chip was first tested on chickens. Hence the risks were unknown. This is why we decided to email him in order to get some answers to our questions on the experiment and himself.

The school was fully supportive on our project and we were able to make the venture a success.

We were inspired by his work and we knew that his potential could be beneficial to the world.

We are excited to hear from him and we will keep you updated.

Stay tuned……


The 2nd SA and Miss Rawat

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