The 2nde’S got Talent !

The two stories were written as a final task for the unit called “Detective Fever”.

These 2 students came up with highly creative and original insights.




She didn’t know why exactly but she kept on running, even though the family house was already quite far away. Tears were streaming down her face as her parents’ screaming voices echoed inside her head.

 The sun had just set down but his whiskey bottle was already half empty. He couldn’t feel his throat anymore and a ragged breathing that was more an animal’s than his own was coming out of his burning lips. Flashes of his wife’s crying face and his daughter’s terrified look crossed his mind.

 Suddenly, her foot got caught in an irregularity in the pavement and she was sent flying. She didn’t have the time to shield her head with her hands and the shock made her too dizzy to get up right away.

 His vision was blurred so he didn’t see the girl that was laying on the ground and tripped on her body. He didn’t fall to heavily but his bottle flew a few dozen centimeters away and exploded, letting out the alcohol. He swore and turned his attention to the cause of his loss: a sixteen-year-old blonde girl with a red face and puffed eyes.

 She felt something hit her in the stomach and heard a loud grunt. A drunk middle-aged man had just fallen down. She felt so stupid for not getting up right away. Then, the strong smell of alcohol caught her by surprise. She started to panic and backed away on her elbows.

 Seeing the girl like this, as helpless as a wounded prey in front of the predator, awakened something inside him that he had, for long, tried to shut down. He regained his strength, adrenaline flowing through his veins and pulled her in the bushes.

 She said no, she cried, she begged for mercy but she was weak. She couldn’t move, her body didn’t respond anymore. She knew what was going to happen, and when it started, she stopped begging. She closed her eyes and thought of happy memories filled with the joy and innocence of childhood.

 The next morning, he woke up.

 The next morning, she didn’t wake up.

 His mind was blank.

 Her mind was gone.

 On that night, they had both died.

 Sonakshi DEERPALSING – 2nde 4

 Twisted Nerve

The murderer stared at his masterpiece, a devilish smile finding its way to his lips. Before him stood a gory scene of which he was the creator. The young Mary Beth laid lifeless on the cold sleek parquet. Her pancreas and her kidneys were hanging out of her precisely cut stomach as if they were ornaments. On her knees, her pale skin had been slit into perfect circles making her patellas visible. Her bony ankles had been marked by two symmetrical red crosses. The perpetrator closed his eyes and shivered, sensing a mix of pleasure and satisfaction rush through his body. Once he reopened them, he fixated his cerulean eyes on her untouched face, breathing in her delicate features. He started by admiring her closed lids, followed by her long black lashes from which tears rolled. He then focused on the middle area of her face, looking at her small nose and slightly tinted cheeks. He finally glanced at the full lips that he had to stop himself from kissing. He took in her beauty one last time for a short moment not wanting to feel overwhelmed, and finally left the sleazy motel. He got into his car kissing the cross on his coral rosary before driving off.

Detective Horton was becoming irritated at his team’s incompetence. Suddenly the door burst open and in came an anxious looking Detective Langdon, blue eyes wandering across the poorly decorated room with his blush chaplet hanging from his neck. Detective Horton eagerly made his way towards his partner until he slid on an unknown object. He studied it thoroughly letting a gasp escape his mouth when he had identified it. He held in his hand a vermilion bead. When he glimpsed at his partner he was already staring back with a light smile.

 Shania RAMDANEE – 2nde 4

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